you're gonna make an amazing host

So, you're thinking of hosting a virtual summit? Well, we have the first couple steps all planned out for you right here in this handy workbook.

What's in it? The initial brain dump that every summit host needs to have. Space for you to map out your Why, who your audience is, your dream speaker list, etc.

Next, we'll map out the broad and specific topics of your summit so that you stay on task and wow your audience with the most amazingly curated content for them.

And then, the most fun part of all, we dive into the speakers - we're walking you briefly through our very own process of how to know who to reach out to when, what you'll want to gather for them and a how to encourage a healthy and long-lasting relationship with those whom you most look up to.

This workbook is one that you do not want to miss! Take a peek - and if you're needing more, then make sure to check out our upcoming How to Host a Memorable Virtual Summit eCourse!

8 page workbook on setting up your topics and speakers for your virtual summit!

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