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Hiring a Team, Mindset, Social Media & Marketing

10 Questions to Consider When Building a Creative Collaboration

Technology has made it so easy for us to work from anywhere, at anytime, and with anyone (or no one, #solopreneur). In our current professional environment of solopreneurs and the creative self-employed single-handedly running their own businesses, the idea of collaboration and its value can often be overlooked. But collaboration can greatly enhance your professional […]

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Hiring a Team, Mindset

Flexibility and Childcare While Working at Home

I work at home. And I have three children. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it is an absolute nightmare sometimes. I love my children, but when I get interrupted for the fiftieth time in fifty seconds to resolve a dispute between the eldest two, let’s just say it makes work less than pleasant. […]

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Hiring a Team, Mindset, Passive Income, Starting & Launching

Designing Your Ideal Work Week: How We Live Exactly the Life We’ve Wished For

Today, I’m hecka inspired because I just finished listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast on How to Design Your Ideal Work Week with Michael Hyatt and it was BOMB.   Pin me to Read Later!   Plus, I feel like they totally took a note out of our notebook, so I felt like a pretty hot shot, already preaching […]

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