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Business Books, Social Media & Marketing

3 Easy Ways to Build Your Tribe & Expand Your Client Base

Tribes. We know how important it is to find our tribe. Right? But sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to find our tribe. What do we look for and where the heck do we look?! This is where Seth Godin steps in with his savior of a book Tribes: We Need You to Lead […]

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Business Books, Mindset, Starting & Launching

How Simplifying Your Services can Lead to a Better Business & Life

I posted on Instagram this weekend about something that got some pretty big reactions out of some of my favorite people and I thought, if they got some brain food out if it, then maybe someone else could too <3   Pin me to Read Later!   And the big question is – are you doing offering too much? […]

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Business Books

Book Review: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

I just finished Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh, who is the CEO of Zappos, which is a company that sells shoes really, really well. I read the book in a day while I was watching the kids. I read a lot of books in my pursuit of self […]

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Business Books

1 Simple Way to Ensure that Your Business Succeeds

Book finished! The Dip by Seth Godin is a super short, super quick book about that terrible spot in business-ownership (or just life in general) when you’ve invested a lot of time into something, and all you feel like you’re doing is floundering around, not really making any progress, but also not really wanting to quit, […]

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Business Books, Mindset

How to be rich: Embracing the Abundance Mindset

I just finished Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and, while I have to be totally, completely and brutally honest – the writing style was a bit salesy and maybe not the best written book I’ve ever read, BUT! The content, you guys?? GOLD! So much solid gold. I’m seriously over here in a glow of abundance […]

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