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helping creatives to build & scale their creative businesses

by copper kettle co

we see you hustlin', friend.

You're working that cute tush off.

Maybe you're side hustling your passion project, or maybe you're making some good money (dare I say great money?) and maybe you've even quit your day job (or you're SO ready to!).

And while you're LOVING the journey that you're on, it would be SUPER baller if you had the community, accountability, education and direction to successfully grow your business, all in one place?

can i get a hell yes??

but you're ready for something more - more freedom, growth, money, structure...

(it's okay if you prefer, yes please - we don't exclamation-ate)

You'd LOVE to have a Mastermind of creatives who'll keep you in check, have accessible to you to safely bounce ideas off one another, to help each other grow.

You collect educational resources and freebies, but maybe you don't act on them as often as you wish you did. Or maybe the people you admire offer conflicting advice. Or maybe you're just not sure what the next step toward successfully growing your business.

You've connected with other creatives in a way that makes you crave having that connection daily, rather than only when the occasional conference happens. You're ready to have friendships that are deeper than Instagram Follows, Likes & Comments.

launch brand grow community

masterminds, courses, workshops, community


Well, friend... we've got you covered

tell me more!

Launch brand grow Retreat

Phoenix, az

That vacation you've been craving?

You should take it...

We're bringing you to Phoenix, Arizona for 3 girlfriend-bonding esque nights, and 4 work, yoga and mimosa-filled days.

You book the flight, we'll have your bed, meals, drinks, face masks and itinerary ready when you get here.

OH! And that content creation you've been struggling with? We've got you covered...

october 11-14, 2018

Um, Yes please! Tell me more!

With workbooks on:
          + creating a killer about page
          + designing a business plan that works for YOU
          + reverse engineering your pricing
          + Pinteresting your dream brand
          + ideal client questionnaires
          + 8 tips on better utilizing your brand
          + and more!

 need some Free help?

growing your business is hard. don't go it alone <3

Heck yeah, I'm down for freebies!

our mission statement

we help creatives (just like you) to...

create a brand that stands out, gets noticed and makes waves

recognize and master your superpowers

build your passion projects into your money maker

find and create your specific niche for amazing profits and credibility

create brand visuals even with zero design skills

gain confidence through your underutilized skills (because, yes, you DO have some amazing skills that you definitely aren't using!)

decide when and how to hire your team

understand that you do NOT have an income ceiling and that everything that you wish you had is actually well within reach (and obviously we show & help with how!)

create website copywriting that converts and sounds authentically you

develop a solid social media strategy and plan so that you're actually booking paying clients & customers

find mental clarity in the chaos of business ownership

take scary, yet calculated risks to grow beyond what you think is possible

understand finances in a way that makes accounting easy

pursue and achieve more than you think you can do


we've done it ourselves.

we know that anyone with the right tools, motivation and drive can do it, too.

we want to share the tools that we've found and developed (because it's a lonely world going it alone!).

we believe strongly in community and uplifting others.

thinking of your passions gets me all kinds of giddy!

we genuinely want to help you succeed.

we believe that the wave of online-entrepreneurship is changing the world for the better.

it has never been easier to start a business and growth is inevitable with the right tools and drive!

we understand just how much branding can make a difference (and we understand how, why and what to do to make those differences).

we want you to have tools, education, workshops, mentorships, etc available to you at a rate that's likely way cheaper than your monthly coffee consumption.

we believe in you!

we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the chaos of educational tools - so we want it to be as streamlined and all-inclusive for you as possible.

marketing tips & exclusive freebies: