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you're ready to take your business to the next level.

We see you, boo.

You're hustling and grinding and working you booty off, and sometimes you get on this brilliant roll, where you get this genius idea to add this great new feature to your business that will obvi sell itself and, so you start working it and then oh my goodness, look at this other bossy thing that you could do, your tribe will SO love this, so let's add it onto the list of things to do, and holy moly, your main competitor just started doing this great thing - how did you not think of it first? - maybe you could change it up a bit and add it to your services, but and but and but and...

Did I just see your eyes widen? Because you totally just saw yourself doing these exact things?

Or maybe your eyes glazed over, because how could anyone commit this kind of chaos to themselves, but then, when you really think about it, you realize maybe it's exactly what you've been doing...

ah sheeit.

Sometimes we get SO caught up in our own heads with all of our brilliant and, okay, sometimes not so brilliant ideas and we get so turned around, trying to do #allthethings while also not really knowing which way is up and omg, suddenly you're feeling the incredibly heavy onset of overwhelm.

Girlfriend, welcome to what we like to call "Shiny Object Syndrome."

we're gonna help you to make that big push in the RIGHT direction.

let's spin that montage music - it's about to get hot and heavy in here

i want people to find me

I'm ready to get some time back

show me the money!

I need a brand overhaul

brand audit & strategy sessions (+ Group & luxury experiences!)

financial planning for the creative at heart

time management & organization (dump the messy paperwork)

build your tribe & find people who will love what you have to say

brand visual, story & strategy sessions

interested in DIY? Check out the Brand Strategy for Creatives Course

This session is right for you if:

+ You're ready to develop a professional appearance that matches the growth you've seen in the quality of your own work.

+ You're ready to be taken seriously as a professional, or maybe you just aren't sure what the "right" look is.

+ You've gone through handfuls of logos or "brands" that never seem to fit right.

What you'll walk away with:

+ A newfound knowledge of how to attract your target client (and why she probably isn't finding you yet)

+ Tools to create a brand and a story that will work for you without even trying.

+ Ideas on how to best create a comprehensive and coherent brand visually and strategically to attract your highest paying clients and customers.

What we're gonna do together:

We'll go over your visuals how they currently are and dive into what is and isn't working.

We'll dive into your personal brand, develop the mission behind your business, and discover who your ideal client is in order to create a seamless, impossible-to-resist story that flows throughout your brand & website.

Suggested Timelines:

For the creative who has a great handle on  their brand's story & visuals, but feels like it's a little off. We'll start with an intro audit and discovery questions with suggestions on how to create the connection that's missing. We'll follow up with a call later in the month to ensure that you're on the right path and that yours and your client's heartstrings are aligned!

For the creative who may have a decent handle on the visuals, but is lacking in the story department. Over the course of 6 calls, we'll create a Pinterest board, have multiple discovery calls and together we'll create a brand that truly identifies with YOUR people. With a focus on the story, you'll find that you really start connecting with your clients on a personal level, increasing your client happiness rate and an overall pay increase!

Girlfriend, get ready for an overhaul! We're gonna connect with your target client like no one's biznass.  Get ready to make them dollas, boo:
+ First, we'll do the discovery calls and really dig into the who, what, why and how of the whole shebang. 
+ Next, we'll go over the flow of your business and your website, making sure that the point and funnel of your business makes sense and converts.
+ Lastly, we'll get fun & fancy with visuals, making sure that they're on point for both you AND your ideal client.

Heart Rock Creative

Kyrsten is so fun and informative, I have done 2 years of research on how to run your own business and was still struggling making sales and completely overwhelming myself. Kyrsten helped me find a niche that I am really passionate about and that can actually help my target market. She even helped me brainstorm some ways to attract that target market in ways that I would have never thought of on my own. She is so sweet and uplifting and I am so excited for her new Work at Home Business School classes!

Felicity & Design, INc.

It's been six days, and I have booked more in contracts in the last six days than I did the entire month of January, AND they're truly soul mate clients, projects I CANNOT wait to get started on. With a mindset shift and ideas from Kyrsten that I implemented immediately lead my company on an entirely new course and I could not be more excited to see what happens next.

Wilson Home Organizing

I ended up with a clearer vision for what I wanted ( I didn't even know I needed that) and the inspiration, focus, and motivation to get it done. I can't thank Kyrsten enough for her guidance

Amy Kingsford, Virtual Assisstant

...with Kyrsten's help I discovered a brand direction for my business that felt authentically me, but also spoke to my ideal client. It was an absolute pleasure working with Copper Kettle Co and I'd do it again in heartbeat!

michelle perez events

Kyrsten is so fun and informative, I have done 2 years of research on how to run your own business and was still struggling making sales and completely overwhelming myself. Kyrsten helped me find a niche that I am really passionate about and that can actually help my target market. She even helped me brainstorm some ways to attract that target market in ways that I would have never thought of on my own. She is so sweet and uplifting and I am so excited for her new classes!



and if you're unsure if we have any idea what we're talking about,

just take it from those who were there once too, my friend:

financial planning for the creative at heart

This session is right for you if:

+ You're hustling like cray, but each month isn't bringing in more dough.

+ You cringe at the idea of the IRS and your avoid taxes like the plague.

+ You're bringing in the money, but dang, it would be SO nice if you could take a month off without the worry of disappointing clients or where your next dollar will come from.

We're gonna get dirty in the money, baby! We'll go over your big financial goals, income streams and how to get from point A to point B.

We'll dig into your current finances and see what's slacking, what is and isn't helping toward your big picture, some mindset exercises & how we can get you situated so that YOU'LL be knocking at Uncle Sam's door this year.

What you'll walk away with:

+ A newfound knowledge of why you aren't on that dream cruise (yet) & solid ACTIONABLE steps to clean that ish up.

+ Tools to help you to stay financially aligned (that can be used over & over & over)

+ A new and improved mindset that allows you to embrace the change of money, rather than shying away from it.

What we're gonna do together:

Suggested Timelines:

For the I-want-a-little-extra-pocket-money creative. You're doing pretty well in your business, but you need a little tidying up and a second opinion. Or maybe you want a way to earn just a tad bit more to fund your Starbucks trips. You have a streamlined income, and your dream salary is already on the horizon. Let's dust your shoulders off so you're ready for the last leg!

For the creative who's business is started, but maybe her big picture strategy isn't quite in line with how much she's actually bringing in: You're currently making enough to live off of comfortably (or almost), but you want to make the push to living a more relaxed life. We're going to get you that dreamy vacation and also make sure that you're still paying all of the bills each month. After sifting through your initial audit, you'll find that the money you're hoping for is so much closer than you thought!

Get ready for the dream boat - we're gonna rock your finances like it's 1999! We're talking deep-tissue audit: we're getting nitty gritty here - you'll know EXACTLY why you're not making enough and how exactly you're going to resolve that. We'll bring in a complete pricing overhaul & the big picture financial structure while also making taxes your snitch: accounting will be as easy as 1 + 1. You'll be on the path to make more than you've ever made before and feel like you're living a dream life before it's even happened!

time management & organization

through funnels, contracts and covering your bases

This session is right for you if:

+ You're ready to feel like a professional with a REAL system in place (instead of scraping it together at the last second)

+ You'd like a professional attorney to look over your contracts without breaking the bank.

+ You're doing #allthethings and you're ready for a break (and a reminder of why you started this in the first place!)

We'll go over your contracts, funnels, CRM set up, financial trackers, etc to make sure your business is well-oiled and running efficiently (if you don't need to tend to it, then you should be!).

We'll dig into the details of your paper trail, if/when you should be thinking of hiring out and hashing out a plan to get you there faster.

What you'll walk away with:

+ A newly drafted contract, invoice and streamlined system to ensure that your T's are crossed and your I's dotted.

+ The rest assurance that your business won't collapse in a heaping pile if you're not attending it 24/7.

+ The relief of having a knowledgeable attorney with a focus on the creative community in your back pocket.

What we're gonna do together:

Suggested Timelines:

PER HOUR - For the creative who:
+ Has a legal or accounting question and needs help with how to proceed next in sticky situations with difficult clients.

+ Wants to walk away from her business for a second, but is afraid that something will implode if she does (HALP!)

+ Needs help with setting up their CRM to save time in the long run.

For the creative who has some things in place - contracts, invoices, a system or two - but needs someone to go over it all to check for inefficiencies, gaps and how to save her more time in the long run. We'll make sure that your contracts are well-fitted to your industry, make sure that you're not missing crucial points in your legalese, and we'll chat funnels and how might be a good way to streamline your business so that it works FOR you (without you hovering constantly).

You know the candy show where they show you how everything's made, and the batters and dollops and packaging and conveyor belts are all so perfectly timed and work so seamlessly and beautifully that you can't help but be mesmerized by it all? Well, this is what your business is gonna look like. We're setting you up with a master strategy to ensure that your business is running on auto pilot and that you're only up in it when you need to be. We're taking you from messy desk of cluttered paperwork to one simple folder titled "badass boss".

find your tribe & those who love what you have to say

This session is right for you if:

+ You think you have something great going on, but no one seems to care.

+ You want to really make a difference in someone's life, but you're feeling the imposter syndrome.

+ Your competitors are doing so much better than you, so you try what they're doing, but to no avail.

We're gonna dig deep into your unique story and what you personally bring to the table to make sure you're really aligning with your mission.

Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos of competition, when really we should be focusing on our own plate. We're gonna make sure that you bring something TRULY unique to the table and that it's exactly what your tribe ordered.

What you'll walk away with:

+ A new strategy on how to reach whoever you want and to make them fall head over heels for you (because you are ABSOLUTELY worth falling in love with!)

+ A social media strategy so that you aren't stringing yourself out and missing the mark.

+ A consistent formula that you'll be able to use a zillion times to consistently reach your people.

What we're gonna do together:

Suggested Timelines:

For the creative who has her product or service in place, but doesn't seem to be reaching as many buyers as she'd like and/or for the creative who has a following, but who's hit what feels like a wall as far as gaining that bigger reach. We'll take a look at your business' mission, look into the possibility of niching down and brainstorming a way for you can truly connect with your people on a more intimate level.

For the creative who's got something going, but is ready to really take a giant leap forward. We're ready to shape up your copy (aka, the writing on her website and social media accounts) and to create the brand voice that will make your ideal clients throw up the preach hands. We'll set up a structure for how to get the reach you're looking for, how to truly make impacts on people's lives through your product or service and the Why behind your business.

We're going for that full-fledged consistent, vibrant, we-just-can't-get-enough-of-you tribe! With the following that you need to make a real impact in the world, we're going to strategize and implement the systems that'll create the energized following (and the money and freedom that comes along with it). With the brand voice, visual message and business' mission backing you up, you'll notice your inbox filling up with notes about how much you've personally changed someone's life - I can't begin to tell you how amazing this feels <3

Ahhh, I'm so happy you asked! We're stoked to see what we can do for you!

Once you've booked the package of your choice, we'll get on a BONUS 30 minute discovery call. We'll chat about your goals, thoughts, where you're at in your business and what strategies we think we'll be able to help you with. 

So how does this all work?

(Because I'm totally picking up what you're putting down!)

what's the investment?

this sounds amazing(ly perfect!)

Then comes the fun part: We're gonna get comfy cozy over a cuppa coffee and video chat (again - but even more fun this time)! We'll set the ambiance with some more in depth discovery questions so that we can both get to know you, your big picture ideas and officially work on the strategy that we'll take to get you where you wanna go together.

per hour

multi-hour package

180 day package

1  x  60 minute video strategy call about one topic of your choice.

Basic strategy, discovery of your big picture goals and mission and a follow up accountability session with consulting on how you're business is developing.


Starting at 2 x 60 minute video strategy calls about the topic(s) of your choice.

In depth strategy, discovery and development of your big picture mission, multiple strategy and implementation sessions and 2+ months of accountability sessions and growth tracking with consulting on how you're business is developing.


6  x  60 minute video strategy calls about the topic(s) of your choice.

Time to make the big changes and revolutionize your business. This package includes the suite of everything listed above. From consulting on branding and marketing to finances and business structure, we'll have your business purring like a kitten.



$750 discount!

$125+ discount!