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Visibility, Accountability, education

The Launch Brand Grow Accelerator & Community is for creative and online entrepreneurs who are looking to get published, book more clients, start scaling their businesses and re-lay that unshakable business foundation.

We know that it takes forEVER to run #allthesocialhandles, your blog, encourage word of mouth, etc etc etc, let alone ACTUALLY doing the work you're, yanno... paid for.

So we want to take it off your chest for you. The marketing that you're bending over backwards trying to do and do some more and do again, every danged day?

We'll grow your email list, grow your following, grow your reach, publish you on podcasts, blogs, magazines and ultimately - we want people to KNOW who you are.

Because we know you need those bookings. So, let's go get 'em.

A program & community that will rocket you through your glass ceilings

VISIBILITY, Accountability
& Education

it'll be Done for you, friend.

Welcome to your marketing, PR solution & accountability

With three different tiers to choose from, there's something for every business owner, no matter what stage you're at - whether you (are) . . .


navigating the jungle of time management, prioritizing tasks & business organization

micro courses

what's it include?   >

micro courses


all 16 micro courses

what's the investment?   >

5. selling with affiliates
6. business organization
7. membership communities
8. email funnels

10. hiring a virtual assistant
11. hosting a virtual summit
12. identify your ideal clients

13. web & social COPYWRITING
14. diy your seo
15. relationship marketing
16. repurposing content

1. pricing made easy
2. setting up quickbooks
3. designing a showit site
4. time management


micro courses



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payment plans available


Need some accountability, more bookings and that push to take you to full time 


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5. collab & networking ops
6. community coffee & wine dates
7. monthly workshops
8. hot seat mentorships

9. community bonding activities
10. guest blogging ops
11. lbg editorial (get published!)
12. all past recordings

13. private slack & thinkific
14. discounted pick-my-brain
15. discounted showit theme
16. discounted brand design

1. all micro courses 
2. goal accountability
3. masterminds
4. monthly book club

networking, accountability, education



what's the investment?   >

networking, accountability, education

Members will have access to almost 20 courses from starting a business to growing a team. They’ll have access to an incredible support group of women who will love, support and encourage them and their businesses as well as access to Mastermind Intensives led by incredibly knowledgeable and talented marketers, designers and influencers. Simply being a part of a community has helped over a hundred creatives to accelerate their business  quicker than they would have if they went it alone.


who's it for?   >


Put me on the waitlist!


networking, accountability, education

80 seats

payment plans available

want to get published, spend less time on social and more time on what you're really freaking good at



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5. instastory takeovers & content
6. curated shout outs on social (7000+ reach)
7. listing in creative directory ($1200)
8. pick-kyrsten's-brain strategy sesh ($350)

9. speaker at creative summits
10. pitches to podcats, blogs, etc
11. lbg editorial ad spaces ($600)
12. additional influencer marketing

1. all community & micro courses
2. new showit website ($299)
3. new brand design ($250)
4. email marketing to 5000+ creatives

done for you marketing & the whole shebang



what's the big takeaway?   >

16. BONUS! 30% off october workcation retreat ($750)
17. BONUS! lBG collaborative bundle ($1000+)

13. Bonus! additional pick-my-brain sesh ($350)
14. BONUS! large ad space upgrade in creative directory ($400)
15. BONUS! new site & brand installation ($1000)

done for you marketing & the whole shebang



what's in it for the established business owner?   >

done for you marketing & the whole shebang

For the new business owner, she will have and gain the influencial power that seasoned business owners acquire over years of networking. She will be introduced to people who have become influencers in the online creative business market, be personally recommended by someone who has been a part of the industry for over 6 years, and to be invited to  events that typically are only available to businesses who have been established for years. She’ll walk away with a brand new website AND brand as well as all of the tools she’ll need to  start and grow your business from the ground up for less money than she could easily spend  on a branding and web design package alone, with the added bonus of personalized PR and  Marketing assistance. Truly an incredible way to ACCELERATE her business right away!



what's the investment?   >

done for you marketing & the whole shebang

For the already established business owner, she will get that extra boost - she already has an audience and the years-in-business to back her up, now we want to up her social proof and to make sure her followers and potential clients see her as a trustworthy, established business owner in her field. She’ll get a brand and website overhaul if needed as well as a bespoke publicity plan and execution that she’d normally spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a marketing and PR firm to help her with. If being featured on podcasts, blogs, magazines, etc have been her goals, then we’ll get her there and get her in front of the eyes that she deserves!



who's it for?   >


$6000+ value

Put me on the waitlist!

20 seats

payment plans available

meet your new community leaders

Business Manager, Social Maven

angela donofrio

CEO, Accountant, Legal, Strategist, Developer

kelly sherwood

CEO, Strategist, Mentor, Brand Director

kyrsten sherwood

30 blog posts in 5 days

Mastermind Topic:

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Vanessa Hicks

Rosemary Watson

Launch Brand Grow Leader


Launch Brand Grow Leader

Holistic Life & Biz Strategist

Ingrid Urena

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Showit Web & Brand Design

Liz strong

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Virtual Assistance & Design

tessa williams

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Vanessa Ryan

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Jenn Nash

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Devan Mccabe

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Graphic & Web Designer

jana bishop

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Styled Stock Photographer

lindsey johnson

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Branding & Web Design

andrea layne

Launch Brand Grow Leader

brit kolo

Launch Brand Grow Leader

amy northard

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Mastermind Topic:

Creating a marketing schedule

Mastermind Topic:

Overcoming overwhelm

Mastermind Topic:

Organize with Trello & Asana

Mastermind Topic:

Streamline Your Client Intake

Mastermind Topic:

diy your stock photography

Mastermind Topic:

brand strategy & psychology

Mastermind Topic:

instagram stories made easy

Mastermind Topic:

opt ins that convert

Mastermind Topic:

strategic user experience

Mastermind Topic:

copywriting for your website

Mastermind Topic:

feel-good marketing strategy

Mastermind Topic:

building & managing your team

Mastermind Topic:

taking control of finances

amy braswell

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Product Designer & Strategist

Stephanie Thacker

Launch Brand Grow Leader

Mastermind Topic:

Taking control of finances

Mastermind Topic:

scale your product-based biz

& the best part?

Masterminds are included in the community & Accelerator!

Get ready for 4 weeks of Mastermind Workshop Intensives hosted by your favorite Leader. Get your business in gear AND make some biz besties at the same time

CLICK your leader's headshot for her mastermind details

Vanessa Hicks

Photographer & Blogger

MASTErmind Topic:

30 blog posts in 5 days

DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 6pm EST

We all know blogging can be a pain!! We also know, it is one of those things that we do need to do for our businesses!! In this 4 week mastermind course, we will work together on the basics of blogging and finish with how to create a month worth of blogging content in an hour! Plus, you will takeaway a free one month blog calendar and 50 blog topics to get you on your blogging journey!

Week 1: Blogging 101 for creatives
Week 2: Tips for Blogging Consistently 
Week 3: How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Week 4: How to Create a Blog Calendar for a Month in an Hour!


Vanessa Hicks is a wedding and portrait photographer currently documenting love in Hawaii! She is a military spouse and veteran, and has successfully moved her business three times in the past three years! She truly believes in empowering others, and the importance of documenting her clients legacy! 

She was recently named Hawaii’s #1 Wedding Photographer by Hawaii Magazine for 2018! When she’s not out photographing memories , you can find her with a Starbucks cup in her hand, watching Harry Potter (#teamgryffindor ) or The Office (”I’m Beyonce always!“) on reruns, or just lounging on the beach with an umbrella drink in her hand!

Rosemary Watson

Production Studio

MASTErmind Topic:

create & execute YOUR Marketing Schedule

DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 7 PM AZ MTN Time May 1-25, 2018

Business owners who struggle to make all their social media “puzzle pieces” fit together and actually create & schedule their content.

Rosemary Watson helps women create a structured integrated Social Media content calendar using her favorite tools, Google Calendars, Trello, and Airtable and others to stay accountable and execute all the content for your business. In this 4 week mastermind, Rosemary will share how she uses an online Tool Stack to keep #allthethings on her marketing calendar organized and be sure all the content for promotions are being executed.

Week 1:  Having a Media Company Mindset
Week 2: Mapping out Promotional Content
Week 3: Creating Pillar Content & Micro Content
Week 4: Building Your Tool Stack  

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Mastermind attendees will leave with Trello Boards to copy, Airtable spreadsheets to copy, and receive recommendations on what to create for their own specific businesses.

mORE ABOUT Rosemary:

Rosemary Watson is the brains behind Rosemary Watson | Productions, a creative studio that helps women build businesses through many different mediums. She loves creating all types of content for all sorts of places online, but none so much as Instagram. She lives with her husband and six kids in a suburb of Phoenix, renovating

the home she grew up in. You can find Rosemary every day on Instagram, on her live video show on Facebook, chatting with her tribe in her Facebook Group, The Instagram Collaborative, and on her micro-podcast- Listen + Lattes.

Liz Strong

Virtual Assistant & Web Designer

MASTErmind Topic:

Organize Your Biz (& life) with Asana & Trello

DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 7pm (CST)

Anyone ready to get their business and life organized using Project Management Systems Asana or Trello.

In this 4-week mastermind you'll not only choose a Project Management System, but you'll learn how to use it to the fullest by setting up your business, client projects and personal life all in one place! Each week we’ll also have plenty of time for q&a during the calls and during the week so that you’ll leave the 4-week mastermind with a fully setup Asana or Trello.

Week 1: This week we’ll do an overview of Asana & Trello to help you figure out which platform is going to work best for you.
Week 2: Time to dive in and get your business setup, from goal and content planning to swipe files and your business playbook. 
Week 3: This week we’ll work on getting your client/project workflows setup for leads and jobs, from on boarding through off boarding. 
Week 4:  Finally we’ll get your personal life organized too! From duty day, meal planning & shopping lists to gift tracking for holidays and birthdays.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Throughout the mastermind we'll also talk about how to automate Asana/Trello using Zapier and Butler for Trello. You'll also get swipe files to help you quickly setup your Project Management System.


Hey y'all I’m Liz! I work with female creatives who are looking for a simple, thought-filled website that attracts their ideal client and then guides them to where they want them to go on their site. I also serve as a virtual assistant to those who are ready to get out of the weeds of their business and back to what they love.

I help create sustainable systems and websites to give you the freedom to grow your business while bringing consistency, organization and fun to the things you find mundane. When I'm not geeking out over organization and whitespace, you can find me binge-watching Downton Abbey or Doctor Who, downing my 3rd cup of tea, with a sleeping dog under my feet.

cindy maka

Holistic Life & Biz Strategist

MASTErmind Topic:

Overcoming overwhelm & finding balance

DAY & TIMES: We will try to find a time that works for the group! Possible times are: Tuesdays 11am PST (2pm EST) // or Wednesdays 9am PST (12pm EST)

Any business owner who is feeling overwhelmed with #allthethings and can’t seem to catch their breath or find enough time for family or self care. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, it is hard to be your best self for your business, your family, and your life. This mastermind is for you if want to learn HOW to overcome overwhelm, not just once, but in a sustainable way that offers you balance in both life and business.

Discover what to let go of so you can find margin and whitespace. Understand how to regain control of your time and to-do list with an executable system for overcoming overwhelm. Learn about healthy routines to support more balance in your life and business.

Week 1: Assess your time and struggles: We will dig in to where your time going and strategize your biggest struggles in productivity
Week 2:  How to stop overwhelm: You will learn a 5-step method for getting off the overwhelm train and gain back control of your time
Week 3: Balancing life and business with self care: We will discuss routines that help you find balance in every day life
Week 4: Pulling it all together. We will create a plan for you to sustain healthy habits for ongoing success and wellbeing.


Cindy Maka is a life and business wellness coach for overwhelmed small business owners who need help creating work-life balance. After 20 years of managing businesses, teaching about wellness, and building a yoga studio, she has experienced first hand the overwhelm and isolation small business owners feel. She is crazy-

passionate about helping entrepreneurs find balance in both life and business — so they can build a life full of passion and success with freedom and ease. When she’s not working to help others create more margin, she’s in the kitchen baking healthy sweets, practicing yoga, playing with her pup Riley and hiking with her hubby in Phoenix, AZ.

jana bishop

Styled Stock Photographer

MASTErmind Topic:

4 Weeks to Mastering your Camera

DAY & TIMES: Thursdays at 12pm (PT)

Anyone who owns a DSLR and wants to take better photos with it! 

As a former high school photography teacher, I understand what it's like to teach people how to go from zero understanding of a DSLR, to feeling like a total pro. Over the next four weeks, we will dive into those terms that scare the heck out of you such as ISO, F-Stop and Depth of Field and I'm going to teach you how to use that fancy camera like a pro. Each weeks lesson will have homework, so get ready to create your own brand photos as part of the lesson. Not only will you walk away with total confidence in your photography skills, you'll have your own stash of custom stock photos to prove it.  

Week 1: Learning Camera Settings & Terms 
Week 2: Setting up the scene
Week 3: Building a work flow
Week 4: Photo Critique

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Attendees will leave with handy cheat sheets to remind them of how to use various camera settings, a personal critique of their work with recommendations and encouragement, as well as their own set of amazing stock photos that they will take along the way!


Jana is the gal behind the lens on over at TwigyPosts. She loves helping business owners feel confident and beautiful online and her brand of styled stock photos has allowed her to do just that. Before she started TwigyPosts you could find her work in places like Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and NBC's design show, 

American Dream Builders. She lives with her husband and their adorable little boy outside of Los Angeles. Her dream is for every person to reach their full creative potential in life and in business. You can find Jana on Instagram any day of the week where she loves interacting with fellow creatives and business owners.

ingrid urena

Showit Web & Brand Design

MASTErmind Topic:


DAY & TIMES: Mondays at 12pm (PST)
Business owners wanting to better understand how to maximize your brands vibe to better connect with your audience in a genuine and strategic way.

In this 4-week mastermind we will learn about setting the right foundation to your brand, how to inject it with your personality and most importantly, a strategy to grow in the right path. Each week we’ll cover a different piece of your brand’s strategy to give you enough time to implement. We’ll have weekly video chats to help you with any questions on how to apply it to your own brand. At the end of this mastermind you’ll walk away with a blueprint that allows you to better connect and convert your ideal clients.

Week 1: Before the visuals: A blueprint. Your brand is your reputation, let’s take a step back and analyze if your brand is built to convert and evolve. This week is about defining the core of your brand.
Week 2: Your message and how to really deliver it. This week is all about understanding how and to who we are talking to.
Week 3: Dress to impress: Time to match your brand with some fitting visuals. No two brands with the same vibe blueprint are actually the same: YOU are the secret ingredient. We’ll go over how to amplify your personality with visuals that stay true to your goals.
Week 4: Show it off: Finding the right place to grow your brand. This week is about more strategic moves to keep building your empire.

mORE ABOUT ingrid:

Ingrid Urena from Penguin Designing is a photographer, branding + Showit website designer, purple haired penguin lover and tea drinker. She finds her spark in helping creatives grow their business with the right foundation to get their dream clients through the door.  

Vanessa ryan

Opt In Strategist

MASTErmind Topic:


DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 10am EST


Anyone who is ready to use Opt in Marketing as a way to build an email list of friends who will want to hire you, work with you or overall be your number one fan gal's.

In this 4 week mastermind, we will brainstorm, create, design and launch an opt in that will help you build an email list of fan girl's. This opt in will be based off of researching your ideals and finding out how you can give them what they need in life or business.

Week 1:  Researching and Brainstorming Opt in Ideas + How to decide on what Type of Opt in Create
Week 2:  Creating your Opt in. You will write your Opt in and learn what to include to maximize your efforts.
Week 3:  Design! We will design your Opt in, Landing and Thank You Pages.
Week 4: Get ready to Launch! We will create a simple Launch Plan that will help you get your first (or next) susbcribers.

Will include a set of pre-made Canva templates, The Opt in Design Workshop and The Opt in Funnels Workshop which will equip them with the tools they need to meet our end goal.


Vanessa Ryan is and Opt in Strategist and Template Designer who helps women entreprneuers turn strangers into fast friends, future clients and customers using Opt in Marketing.

jenn nash

Brand & Web Designer

MASTErmind Topic:


DAY & TIMES: Tuesdays (Time TBD)

Business owners who want to include Instagram Stories and FB Lives into their marketing strategies (or just for fun!).

In this 4 week mastermind, we will talk about ways to incorporate Instagram Stories and Facebook Lives into your business’ social media strategy. We will also talk about the fun, no pressure ways you can also use these social media platforms to ease the stress of feeling like you always have to be “on” in front of your audience.

Week 1: Social Media mindset. We’ll discuss what exactly do you want to get out of using social media for your business. Plus you’ll learn some options for goals & how to meet them.
Week 2: Ways to use Instagram Stories for your business. Specific answers to the question “what should I post?” plus strategies to get rid of the fear of talking to the camera.
Week 3: Ways to use Facebook Live for your business. Feel like your FB business page is dead? We’ll talk about how using Live broadcasts can help revive you FB presence + brainstorming topic ideas.
Week 4: All about the Tech Tools. My tried and true tools to make IG stories & FB Lives easier and less stressful. 

Will include a social media strategy workbook so you can keep all of this Mastermind knowledge in one place (perfect for referencing as you move forward) + set of premade Instagram Stories Canva templates.

mORE ABOUT jenn:

Jenn is the woman behind Nash Franks Creative. She offers brand and business strategy + Squarespace websites to business owners who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others. She believes in radical generosity, empowering others, relationships and cultivating positivity. 

In addition to her love of graphic design, Jenn is  a new momma, is kinda obsessed with her golden retriever, loves mid-century design and she is also a pilot in the Air National Guard. 

tessa williams

Project Management Firm

MASTErmind Topic:


DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 7:00pm (EST)


Service based business owners who are having trouble on-boarding, managing, and communicating with their clients.

In this 4-week mastermind, we will walk through the process of efficiently onboarding new clients using Acuity Scheduling and Google Drive. You’ll learn how to set-up Acuity and to use it for maximum efficiency. Each week we will discuss all of the resources and strategies needed to create an efficient client intake process that includes onboarding, managing, and offboarding clients. There will be time for questions so you will leave the mastermind with a completed and efficient client intake process.

Week 1: Audit & Map Current Client Process 
Week 2: Overview of Acuity & Google Drive 
Week 3: Set-Up Acuity
Week 4: Communicate, Manage, and Offboard Clients

Attendees will receive templates to help map their client process.

mORE ABOUT tessa:

Tessa Williams is the Founder of The Palmerton Group, a boutique project management firm for right and left brained ex-corporate high achievers. She helps clients to increase efficiency in their business by improving processes and strategic planning efforts so they can make a bigger impact and achieve forward progress.

She is a Consultant, Speaker & Educator. When she isn’t working one on one with clients or working her full time job as a Law-firm Marketing Director, she is practicing yoga, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her niece, Nala.

devan mccabe

Graphic & Web Designer

MASTErmind Topic:


DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 6:00 PM (PST)
Business owners who struggle with getting their site seen, or who don’t generate leads from their website, and those who tend to answer a lot of questions in e-mails.

In this 4 week Mastermind we will go over what it means to have a user friendly website, understanding what site flows are and how they can help you plan out your website. We will work through your current website, what you can do to clean it up and make a better site flow that allows your potential clients to come to your site feel informed, and either fill out your lead capture form to become a new client, subscribe to your email newsletters, buy from you shop, etc. We will focus on what you’re current site is potentially missing or doing wrong, and focus on what can be done right to improve lead generation and less of you answering those same questions in emails.

Week 1: What is UX Design and How can you use it? Understanding what UX is and how it can be adapted to improve your website flow and experience.
Week 2: User Testing and Analysis. Take a look at your site and discover what is/isn’t working and why. We’ll figure out what your goals are and how to improve your site.
Week 3: Creating a Site Flow/Game plan. We will go over how to create a flow for your site and figure out what needs to be done on your site before you even start creating online.
Week 4: SEO and Making Good choices to get your site found on Google. Now you have a site that looks good, now let’s focus on some key areas to help those potential clients find it.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: will include a UX handout, flow chart and a 1:1 coaching call with me to go over your site once it’s been redone for a final audit by me.

mORE ABOUT devan:

Devan McCabe of Nimbi Creative is a graphic and user experience designer who’s worked the last 10 years professionally for large corporations such as Walt Disney, eBay and Nike. She takes her corporate experiences and creates solid user experience design with visually captivating brands to create a site that generates more leads and better search results.


Marketing Strategist

MASTErmind Topic:

Mapping Your Feel-Good Marketing Strategy

DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 1pm (EST)
Business owners who need a marketing strategy that _feels good_ to them and is aimed at getting results.
MAJOR TAKEAWAYS: In this 4-week mastermind you will leave behind the complicated marketing strategies that feel fake and salesy and finally, _finally_ map out a marketing strategy that feels good to YOU and magnetizes you to your ideal client.

Week 1:  You will find out what your Marketing Personality Type is and get to define your ultimate business goals. This crucial first step begins to align YOU with your ultimate marketing strategy and gives us a target to shoot for.
Week 2: You will clean up your service and product offerings to make sure they’re aligned with your business goals and the kind of work YOU are meant to be doing. This step allows us to focus in on exactly what we’ll be marketing so we don’t get too distracted later on.
Week 3: You will find out what your ideal client is mentally craving from you and craft a one-liner brand statement that clearly states what you do, who you serve, and why it matters. This step will allow us to easily move into mapping your feel-good marketing strategy. 
Week 4: Finally, you will map your feel-good marketing strategy, curating the most important pieces - YOU, YOUR OFFERS, and YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. Having this strategy mapped out will allow you to focus in on the tactics that will grow your business and leave behind the tactics that are simply distractions on your pathway to success.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Downloadable and fillable worksheets for every step of the journey and free 30-minute call with Brit following the Mastermind to help you begin implementing your strategy.

mORE ABOUT brit:

Brit Kolo is a Marketing Coach who coaches boxed-in business owners to become independent, profitable leaders through self-awareness and #MarketingThatFeelsGood.  Through her intuitive, in-depth coaching process, she’s here to shake up your approach to marketing and inspire you to grow your business in a feel-good, meaningful way. 

When she’s not hopping on a Zoom call with a coaching client, she’s chugging dark roast, podcasting in her yoga pants, and supporting her circle of fellow female entrepreneurs. Meet Brit and get ready to go deep, find meaning, and grow that business you’ve always dreamt of at 

lindsey johnson

Branding & Web Design

MASTErmind Topic:

Website Copy that Speaks to Your Audience (and Converts)

DAY & TIMES: Fridays at 10am (CT)

Anyone who is struggling with the copy on their website, wishing they could get to the heart of what their audience needs to hear & share the mission of their business that converts the sale

You'll come out of this mastermind with new besties in business and a solid understanding of the way that your brand messaging (copy, girl!) can make a HUGE impact in your business. You'll be confident in the messaging you determine for your business, the words and phrases that connect best with your ideal market, and the confidence to take action on this training. Your website doesn't know what's coming for it.

Week 1: Your brand messaging… diving into your brand values, mission, and how you can communicate effectively
Week 2: Identifying your audience & discovering the copy & language that speaks to them
Week 3: Sharing how your offerings can bring your audience value or solve a problem
Week 4: Sharing your heart & story as the most impactful advantage of your business over anyone else’s

PDF trainings & swipe copy for your website pages included!

mORE ABOUT lindsey:

Lindsey Johnson is the owner of Verity & Co, a micro brand agency with a knack for minimal aesthetic and compelling copy. Combining her unique background in both web and writing, Lindsey offers visual branding, web design, and copywriting services for small business owners ready to cultivate their business and elevate their impact. 

Cheerleading small business owners is the soul of her business, but Lindsey’s everyday also includes chasing and homeschooling her three little ones, keeping house, and raising her growing family on faith & grace.

amy & Stephanie


MASTErmind Topic:

Taking control of your finances 

DAY & TIMES: Wednesday’s 7pm CST

Anyone looking to whip the number side of their business into shape.

In this 4-week mastermind we'll cover how to plan for income taxes, how to set up a basic bookkeeping system, how to organize your receipts and tax forms and maximizing business expenses.

Week 1 (Amy): We'll dive into quarterly income taxes - how to calculate them and how to pay them to the IRS and your state. 
Week 2 (Stephanie): We're looking at bookkeeping systems and how to keep up with it on a monthly basis. 
Week 3 (Stephanie): This week we're going to discuss organizing your business receipts and tax documents. What does the IRS need and what method works best for you? 
Week 4 (Amy): During the last week, we'll tackle business deductions and how to make sure you're taking advantage of them so you aren't paying more tax than you have to. 

Amy Northard is a CPA who works with creatives all over the US to make taxes and business numbers manageable. Stephanie Thacker of Steadfast Bookkeeping works with creatives to take bookkeeping off their plate so they can focus on the creative side of their business.


Amy Northard is the Accountant for Creatives®.She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who specializes in working with creative small business owners to make taxes and bookkeeping less stressful. She has a passion for helping small business owners wade through all the financial things it takes to start and operate a business so they can focus on their craft.

Lead Bookkeeper

mORE ABOUT stephanie:

Stephanie Thacker is the Founder and CEO of Steadfast Bookkeeping Co., a bookkeeping firm offering a wide range of bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses all across the US. She is an all around Florida girl, enjoys being outside in the sunshine and proudly accepts the title of “number nerd”.

andrea layne

Online Business Manager

MASTErmind Topic:


DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 1pm (EST)

Anyone who is thinking about adding team members soon or already has a team and want it to be more effective.

In this 4 week mastermind, we will discuss all of the things related having an effective team. Note....this isn't an HR course on the legalities related to hiring and having employees. We will be discussing the management side of this topic.

Week 1: How to prepare for hiring....what processes you need in place, how to decide what to hire for first, where to find viable candidates
Week 2: Effective on-boarding....what you will need to provide and set-up for your new team member can be effective quickly
Week 3: Your job as a manager.... what you need to be able to do to lead and manage
Week 4: Accountability.... how to manage workloads, set appropriate delivery dates, and hold your team accountable

mORE ABOUT andrea:

Hi, I’m Andrea. I have lived this creative entrepreneur life, first as a business owner of a profitable wedding floral design business for the past 7 years in Tampa, FL, and currently as an OBM (Online Business Manager) helping others get time back in their day to do more of what they want. Along with my practical business experience, I'm also formally trained to advise businesses through my degrees in Communications and

Business Systems with 12+ years as a consultant for a Big 5 firm, a boutique firm, and as a project manager for several Fortune 500 corporations. I'm also a wife and a mom to two teen girls. I have to balance to the needs of my family with my drive to do what I love on the daily.... and sometimes these things clash...and it's hard, but I always make it work with flexible scheduling and prioritized weekly planning.

Amy Braswell

Product Designer & Strategist

MASTErmind Topic:

scaling your product-based business

DAY & TIMES: Wednesdays at 9 pm EST

Product-based business owners who want to grow their business and learn about wholesale, but aren't sure exactly how to do that without hiring a huge team or packaging

This mastermind will leave you with a solid understanding of how to scale your product=based business in a way that works for YOU. You'll understand the difference between wholesale, consignment, and dropshipping, linesheets vs. cataloges, and walk away with helpful tips on how to scale, organize, and outsource in ways that are specific for a product-based business.

Week 1 - Organization + Outsourcing: Why, when, and how you need to start organizing and outsourcing your product-based business so that you're poised to grow, grow, grow - without feeling all of the overwhelm or working 24/7.
Week 2 - Product Collections: Learn what constitutes a good product collection, and how creating collections is great for scaling a product-based business
Week 3 - Dropshipping: So you can't sew pillows? This week we'll talk about how you can offer different products by utilizing the glory of dropshipping.
Week 4 - Wholesale 101. You're ready to put it all together. So this week we'll chat all things wholesale - how to pitch, some of the terms you'll hear, and what to expect from retailers.


Amy is the creative force behind Paperfinch Design® - a wanderlusty lifestyle brand that believes life really IS a daring adventure. Paperfinch Design® has been featured on sites such as Fodor's, Better Homes + Gardens, HGTV, and, and their products can be seen in stores nationwide. Amy has grown Paperfinch Design® to a small team of women around the world,

and has expanded what started as a stationery business into a true lifestyle brand, offering a variety of products such as totes, pillows, mugs, and more. She has a passion for all things small business (bonus point for product businesses!) and loves helping other small business owners figure out how to make scale their business on their own terms.

@paperfinchdesign |

Member wins

I just got invited to speak at ALT conference!

We booked our first client for the year! A big-conference table for an architect company!

I just signed my first repeat client! I hosted a workshop for her and a friend at her home back in October & she just called me about running a 3 month social media campaign

I started my week with only 44 subscribers and just checked to see I got 72 new subscribers!!! 

I’ve been writing my list once a week since September- and it has gotten so so easy and so fun! I get replies back now too. I’m a huge believer of the list!

One of my goals for this year is to take Fridays completely OFF. Well, it’s been two weeks in a row where I’ve said NO to a client who requested a meeting, or for something to be done, on a Friday. I stuck to my guns and I said no both times. And you know what? The world did not stop spinning. I didn’t even get fired. We simply rescheduled for another time. Really proud of myself for living by my word for the year... BOUNDARIES!

So.. I have a new art studio space! And it isn't in my house! It's absolutely gorgeous, I can walk from home, and the owner is so generous. Also - I listened to all you smarties and started an email list, finally ;)

Guys, I got chosen to be in the juried #fresh section at National Stationery Show this spring! Woo hoo! That's the section that (I hear) buyers make a beeline for, since it's the newest stuff AND juried. So exciting! (And now I'm a nervous wreck.... )

A client was refusing to sign my contract & after a phone all of going through it line by line and standing my ground (it’s a totally standard, no frills contract), they’re signing! I’m not the best at handling these type of situations but I went into the call trying to be confident and knowing this is what’s best for my business so I’m so excited that it paid off!

I had my first set of viral pins this week!!!!!

I was just booked to give a live social media training to a team of hairstylists next month!

I wrote my first blog post today!

I just send out my first sales funnel- WIN, right!? We will see how it goes! I'm sure I have LOADS of room to improve the sales process, but I am excited! . . . . . . .

Within minutes of sharing it, TWO PEOPLE purchased the VIP package! All this happened while my sales page was less than perfect and my kids were having meltdowns over peanut butter sandwiches. Quickest $1000 I’ve ever made in my entire life!! I still can’t believe it’s happened….

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I'm ready to grow too!

I joined the Launch Brand Grow Community when I completed Copper Kettle Co's first summit, the Creative Brand Summit and FELL IN LOVE! I've always been very passionate about #CommunityOverCompetition and spaces where us female entrepreneurs can feel safe and welcomed. The LBG Community seemed like the perfect place for me. I've only had one meeting with my mastermind group so far and we clicked instantly. The workshops and guest speakers have been incredible so far. It's been an amazing space to have accessible at my fingertips.

Kathryn Coffman

I'd highly recommend the LBG Community to anyone looking to grow their business and not just survive, but THRIVE.

Since I've joined the LBG community, I've

I wouldn't have had the confidence or the encouragement to launch without LBG.

Vanessa Kynes

doubled my newsletter list, launched a course, and made so many business besties.

I've felt like I didn't really fit anywhere until I found this group! It's always like chatting with a group of friends who GET you, and the support is just amazing. 

Vanessa Ryan

I love it here, it doesn't matter where you are at in your business OR what your business is, you totally fit.

When I joined I was a bit of a hot mess (still am), but I'm a more focused, driven, and encouraged hot mess because of Kyrsten's leadership and the wisdom and caliber of talent in this group.

I chose to join the LBG Community because I wanted to connect with other creatives on a deeper level, learn more from others in fields I don't normally interact with, and overall be a part of a community who truly encourages and lifts each other up.

The amount of knowledge, value, honesty, openness, wisdom, and encouragement I've seen and received from the LBG Community 

Liz Strong

has been an invaluable investment in my business and my personal life.

All the creatives in here are so amazing and helpful, it's unreal. I'm so glad I joined!

IRA Kadir

Finally, I feel like I'm home.

I joined because of the incredible amount of resources and value that Kyrsten and other members bring to the group.

(though I hope to get really close to maxing out the resources some day!) Also, because of the consistent encouragement and advice that Kyrsten and the group gives each other. People truly want to help one another in the LBG community and that's created the most wonderfully positive and genuine atmosphere. WORTH IT! 

elizabeth ahlem clark

There is more in there than I'll ever have time to take full advantage of


Launch brand grow Retreat

Phoenix, az

members are treated to an annual work retreat

We're bringing you to Phoenix, Arizona for 3 girlfriend-bonding esque nights, and 4 work, yoga and mimosa-filled days.

You book the flight, we'll have your bed, meals, drinks, face masks and itinerary ready when you get here.

OH! And that content creation you've been struggling with? We've got you covered...

october 11-14, 2018

Um, Yes please! Tell me more!

get in early and get 30% off the workcation

virtual assistants
graphic designers
brand designers
web designers
social media managers
watercolor artists
bakery owners
pinterest strategists
business strategists
digital marketing strategists
direct sales reps
opt in specialists
data analysts
network marketers
community managers
research consultants
stationery designers
interior designers
health coaches
business coaches
jewelery designers
candle makers
furniture designers
design studios
Cake designers

here are just a few of the kinds of creatives we serve in the LBG

join 130+ creatives

When can I join?

The doors are closed!

Make sure to jump on the waitlist today so that you get FIRST access to the limited seats that will open again soon!

Okay I'm SO in!!

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you may be asking yourself...

Basically, we have 3 tiers:

MICRO COURSES includes 16 business-building courses

COMMUNITY includes Micro Courses, Accountability, Community Access and some bonuses

ACCELERATOR includes the Micro Courses, the Community and is also our more intimate service where we help to expand your reach and lessen your marketing efforts for you

Need more details? Flip through the sections, what they include, prices, etc RIGHT HERE.

I'm still not sure what exactly is included... how does this work?

The Accelerator includes 6 months of Public Relations, general Marketing and Influencer Marketing services, and FOREVER access to the LBG Community! We will reach out to podcast and blog posts that would be great for your brand so that you can talk about what your best at without worrying about actually taking the time to pitch them.

It also includes access to our roughly 10,000 person audience, consisting primarily of creatives from wedding industry, product-based businesses and online B2B businesses. 

The vast majority of our audience is women ages 23-45 who own their own businesses and are looking to grow. If this is also your audience, then you're in the right place!

What does my accelerator payment include?

While we 100% respect your decision, we also want to point our that the Community is FOREVER access and will only get better with age, and the Accelerator is 90% done for you! You just sit back and relax, or come back to the Community whenever the time is right and we'll have MORE content each month for you to peruse at your leisure and when it best fits your business.

I won't be able to utilize it right now... I don't have enough time...

Nope! If you're already a member of the LBG, then you're officially grand-fathered in :)

The only reason why you would pay more is if you would like to upgrade to the Accelerator program, in which case that is still full price for already-registered monthly members.

If you're a grandfathered yearly member, you may get a discount on the Accelerator bundle, please contact us for more details :)

If I'm already a member do i need to pay again?

Our masterminds are unique in that they're END GOAL oriented! So each mastermind can be used as a 4-week Workshop Intensive as well as an accountability mastermind of similar-interest, similar-staged businesses.

Each mastermind has up to 15 people and a Leader and includes workshop materials provided by the Leader and will be hosted quarterly.

what's the deal with the masterminds?

No, the Micro Courses Bundle only includes the 16 micro courses coming out Q3. The Community will include ALL future Micro Courses, however!

does the micro course bundle get access to the community or future courses?

are there payment plans?

Yes! And if you're not totally sure, then click here and >> let's chat <3

I'm a new/old biz owner. will i fit in?

okay, i'm ready!

Sign me up for the waitlist!

Absolutely! While it's more cost effective to purchase the packages at their one-time price, we have payment plans that break down each tier into 4, quarterly payments :)

With the Micro Courses & Community bundles, you'll have access to the respective bundles forever!

How long does this all last?

For the Accelerator bundle, you'll work 1:1 with me (Kyrsten) for 6 months and then will have all of the Community benefits forever after!

How much time Do I need to commit to the Accelerator?

I'm really wanting to make this a 90% done-for-you project. The biggest things you'll be doing are 1. a call with me to establish your goals & 2. writing/being interviewed for blog posts, podcasts, etc (and we'll work with your schedule on this!). Otherwise, we'll take the reins!