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about page builder - how to write an amazing about page

dream business startup workbook - everything you need to start your biz

business plan builder - create an effective, & attainable business plan

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Ahh, the mythical About Page! One of the most scary pages to write - don't want to say too much about yourself, but ... it is supposed to be about you, is it not?

Actually, your about page should be more about your client that yourself. Fancy that, right?? We'll walk you through all of the stages to creating an effective About Page.

about page developer

A 16-page guide on how to start a business knowing that you'll make enough to make it worth it. While this workbook is made for the beginner business owner, we made

sure to include important mindset and goal-setting strategies for the experienced entrepreneur. Sure to help all entrepre-neurs with setting attainable business goals!

business plan builder

Pinteresting Your brand - creating a brand that's true to you

8+ Ways to Utilize your brand collateral - patterns, fonts & more explained

Ideal Client Questionnaire - build an ideal client for easy as pie marketing

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workbooks for those who are

Business card ideas that stand out in the crowd, how to use Patterns and Textures to create brand consistency, how to choose Stock Photos to best tell your story. We talk

about nearly 10 ways that you can fill out your brand by utilizing brand collateral that you may already have but aren't using effectively!

8+ ways to better utilize your branding

Catering to a specific person makes the WORLD of a difference when choosing what to say in your emails funnels, courses, social media posts, individual emails, etc.

This workbook will help you to create and develop an ideal client whom you'll then be able to cater to in order to connect with personally.

ideal client questionnaire

Pinterest can be an incredible tool for creating and developing a visual brand, however, it's important that you use it correctly for maximum impact! We'll walk 

you through a checklist of items to pin that have nothing to do with Logos or Brand Boards, but that will connect even deeper to your brand's message.

pinteresting your personal brand

Reverse Engineer Your Dream Life - complete with affirmation ad libs

Reverse Engineer Your Pricing - stop under-pricing yourself & set your biz up for profit

Scaling for Dummies - how to hire help AND put more money in the bank

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workbooks for those who are

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When planning your finances around your dream life, it’s best to visualize exactly what you’re planning on having - whether your dream is to own a million dollar home in Austin, or you plan on hitting the road like a 

nomad - knowing how much your dreams will cost will make the world of difference! We'll give you all of the tools that you need to create that life of your dreams!

reverse engineer your dream life

Pricing is so often thought of as one of the most frustrating, intimidating and scary parts of being a business owner - you don't want your prices to be too high as to scare off your clients, but you don't want to price

yourself too low as to make your business look cheap or to underpay yourself. The first thing to do, is to make sure you're numbers are taking care of yourself and we'll help you with just that!

reverse engineer your pricing

You'd LOVE to have a Mastermind of creatives who'll keep you in check, have accessible to you to safely bounce ideas off one another, to help each other grow.

You collect educational resources and freebies, but maybe you don't act on them as often as you wish you did. Or maybe the people you admire offer conflicting advice. Or maybe you're just not sure what the next step toward successfully growing your business.

You've connected with other creatives in a way that makes you crave having that connection daily, rather than only when the occasional conference happens. You're ready to have friendships that are deeper than Instagram Follows, Likes & Comments.

launch brand grow community

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