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Yes! Our Brand Experience includes up to 6 months to pay off your entire balance, interest free.


We ask for a 25% retainer due upfront at the date of booking and contract signing and the final 25% retainer due before your start date. Remaining payments are broken down according to your payment timeline. We're happy to offer up to 6 months, interest free for paying off the balance of your Brand Experience - automatic payments are available!

Nope! Once the full 50% retainer is paid, we will officially be able to start working together! Your brand and website will launch as soon as it's ready within the 30 days of working together (typically right around the 25th of your working month). Copper Kettle Co will simply retain the rights to the website as collateral until the final payment is made - once the final payment is made, it's all yours!

We've priced our services according to our business expenses, cost of raising our family and the ease of which we can live the life that makes us happy to wake up to each morning. Because of this, we don't offer discounts and we totally suggest that you do the same with your business - life comes first!

We also understand, however, that our services can be a large investment to those who are starting out or who are at tipping points in their own businesses. To this, we love to reply that, if you aren't completely satisfied and confident with our initial consultation and/or if we don't think that you'll be able to raise your prices significantly after investing in our services (we think you absolutely will), then we promise to tell you honestly if we feel we may not be a good fit.

We are NOT in the business of booking clients just to book clients. We book clients who we see huge potential in and who we feel we'll work best with. Our vetting process is just as vigorous as we know yours is, and, because we understand that the investment of good branding can be a big one, we want to choose clients whom we know will be able to pay back their investment in us over and over again. You WILL book your highest paying client after we're finished!

We totally get it - maybe you're not a fan of flying, maybe you just want to brand and not the retreat, or maybe the idea of dropping big dough is intimidating. Unfortunately, we are currently only offering this single package, and we promise you will NOT regret it if you're able to save and invest in it. Meeting in person, having the intimate detailing of the brand and the flowing, organic conversation that comes with the creative juices of meeting with a fellow creative just canNOT be beat and this is the way that we guarantee you will get EXACTLY the brand that you've dreamed of.

If you're in the process of saving up for the Brand Experience and aren't quite there yet, make sure to head over to the Incubator for free resources on how to grow your business in the meantime!

Seattlites or Portlanders receive a $500 discount. We'll still put you up in your all-inclusive suite and you'll get the otherwise full experience. Contact us for details!


Do you offer payment plans?

How does the payment structure work?

Will I have to wait until I'm done paying off my balance for my site to launch?

Do you offer discounts?

Do you offer a more simple brand experience?

What if I already live in Seattle?

The Brand Experience is fully customizable and includes absolutely everything that we have to offer in regards to marketing, branding and website design for both strategy and design. If you're looking for something that we don't offer - photography to match your brand, for instance, then we will outsource it at no additional expense. Headshots? Styled photography? Consider them done.

With this said - Our packages include up to 30 days of working with us. If there are still things you'd like to do after we've finished the outlined plan, just ask and we'll make it happen at no additional cost.

How convenient that you mention this! Yes, we do in fact speak at events about branding, marketing and how to appropriately price your creative business in your market. If you're looking to hire us as a speaker at your event or would like to have us speak for a group or are interested in participating in a workshop, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss details.

We do also offer smaller workshops, FREE virtual summits and  webinars and in person seminars, all of which are announced in our FREE Incubator community. We also have a free Motivation Monday video series that you can find there as well!

Absolutely. SEO strategy and implementation is included

Packages & Services

Can I customize packages?

Do you offer group plans or workshops?

Is SEO included in the brand experience?

Together, we'll agree upon your branding month during our initial consultation. The Brand Experience starts on the 1st of the month and ends on the 30th. Expect to fly out around the 5th - you'll receive around 3 dates and times to choose from for your retreat!

Our packages are limited to a very small amount of clients per year. Please reach out to us if you're interested in our current availability!

The Brand Experience includes 30 consecutive days of service, starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the 30th. Your brand and website will be delivered typically by around the 25th.

The short answer: Pretty much as much or as little as you'd like. We have clients who want us to do everything so that they can spend all of their time nurturing their own business, while we handle the branding, and we have clients who love getting their hands dirty filling out all of the forms, questionnaires and guides that we offer.

We have multiple branding worksheets that cover topics from identifying your target client to creating your About page to developing your brand's story. All of this is included in our Brand Experience package and each client is welcome to do as many or as few as they'd like! If you're interested in some free versions of these worksheets, join our FREE Incubator community.

As long as we still have time allotted together that won't already be used up by something else that we're doing for you, then we'll put it on the checklist! You're the princess - if you want it, you got it, bae.

We've done it before, multiple times over and, assuming communication is open and timely, we see no reason why we would fall short! We book a very limited amount of clients per month which lets us dedicate a very large amount of time to each person individually. Yes. We will absolutely get your brand and website and multiple other projects done for you, all within in 30 days :)


When will my project officially start?

How long will my Package take?

What kind of "homework" should I expect to do?

What if I want to add something onto our schedule part way through the process?

Will you really be able to get all of this done in a month?

Yes! We will want you to be at a point where you can identify some very basic design elements on your wishlist as well as being READY and willing to discover and develop who your target client is. Aside from that, we will absolutely help you to develop these aspects! We walk you through an extensive Pinterest branding board, a target client development questionnaire and a list of all services that we offer to ensure that we have everything covered during our time together. All of our work is backed by the research that we do in your field, brand strategy and education, and designing a brand in its entirety (not just visuals) around not only your likes but the values and emotions that drive your clients to find and ultimately choose you to invest in.

We are 100% about honest feedback, strategy and education throughout your branding process and we intend to ensure that you're ready to go out into the world with a new idea of who you are as a business owner (and as a person!). We provide guidance on how best to attract your target client and where to find them as well as SEO services to ensure that you're well on your way to gaining momentum through Google and other search engines. 

We want your brand to be something that truthfully reflects your personality and won't leave you hoping for something different in 6 months. If we think you're being too swayed by current trends or think that a design choice may reflect poorly to your target client, we will absolutely (gently!) let you know. Long story short, no - we will not leave you simply with a design! We plan to boost your confidence in your business leadership role, to boost the confidence of and convey the right message to your dream clients, and to provide you with a brand identity that will continue to support your business for a long time to come.

General FAQ

I know I need help, but I don't know exactly what I want! Will you help develop my brand story?

Am I only purchasing design work, or will you provide advice and guidance on branding/website strategy throughout our project?

Absolutely! Also, make sure to check out our blog post on what we think about renaming your business if you feel it's no longer working for you! (hint: we're totally on board!)

We sure do!

We do indeed offer professional contracts for entrepreneurs in the creative industries. We also offer tax planning and consultations as well as additional legal consultations - all included with the Brand Experience package upon request!

Funny you should mention it - Yes! We do include outsourced photography for those who need it at no additional cost. We handle the sourcing and work with you and the hired photographer's schedule to have it done within or before the timeframe of our project together. If we aren't able to find a photographer within your area for the right timeframe, budget or look that we're going for with your brand, then we will be happy to supplement your own sourcing of a photographer up to $200 within 2 months of finishing your project.

Yep, sure, you betcha! Since we take on such a limited amount of clients per month, we are able to spend a LOT of our time researching your market area, how much your competitors are charging and how much you "should" be charging.

Then we scrap all of that (just kidding, kind of) and we strategize with YOU about how much you should and CAN be charging. It's a lot of tipping of scales and just jumping, but honestly this is all a part of the branding process. If I don't think that we can make it possible for you to charge top dollar in your industry, then my name's Sally and I'll quit my job. 

For the record, my name is Kyrsten and I love my job - I'd really rather not quit.

First of all, I really want to make a blog post about the "Jack of all Trades" quote, because, in part it's kind of BS, but to answer your question of how we're able to do all of this - we're a multi-person team with sets of interests that vary very widely and overlap at the most important parts. We're also not afraid to outsource for the things that we don't excel at, to ensure quality in all aspects of your project.

Kelly and I are soulmates. Mushy, right? We're soulmates in that we both have obsessive personalities, we get utterly engrossed in things that we LOVE and we love talking to each other about them.

We're both hardcore researchers, Kelly has a legal degree at a top 20 law school, was taught by some incredible accountants about taxes over his lifetime, has attended loads of accounting continuing ed seminars, blah blah. I'm a serial entrepreneur - try me - if I can't come up with a business strategy around a particular niche of people of whom I'm interested in (aka creatives - they're my people), then see answer above about Sally.

Together, Kelly knows more about photographers, design techniques, embroidery and social media theory than he ever new was even out there and I know my way around not spending all of our money on taxes, legal hypotheticals that will hopefully never happen to us and history time periods that I never knew I was interested in.

Branding is coming up with a story that makes sense to you and to your target client. Kelly and I know business. Together, we make up a crazy awesome team of entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and education. We live together, spend literally every waking and sleeping moment together and we aren't sick of each other (and have done so for the last 8ish years). We're like a super being when it comes to being in sync with each other, which means that we're able to divide and conquer our work needs efficiently and eloquently. It doesn't work for a lot of people, but it works really really well for us (I'm happy to say!).

I don't know.... Jack of all trades, master of none? Or a couple of people who, together, have 20 combined years of experience in technical and creative business fields. I think the "one" thing we're "masters" of is small business. And if you want to try us out and take us for a test drive, feel free to reach out to us - we love a good quizzing!

Additional Services

I want to (re)name my business, do you help with this?

I need help writing my About page, etc (copywriting), do you help with this?

I'd love to have professional contracts written up. Can you help me?

How about photography - surely you don't offer that, too?

This sounds too good to be true... what's that saying? Jack of all trades, master of none? Why should I trust you to do what you say you're gonna?

I don't know what to price my services or products at! Halp?