creative launch summit

The mission of the Creative Launch Summit is to help creative entrepreneurs to launch their *brand new* business AND/OR their *brand new* service or product. 

We all know how scary it can be to launch - we pour our hearts and souls into our business as creatives - and this Summit will address everything from building the foundation of your business to booking clients, influencer marketing, finding time, giving yourself grace while doing the hustle, and even launching your first email funnel.

launch summit speaker FAq

creative launch summit mission:

umbrella topics:

Day 1 - Launching Your Creative Business
Day 2 - Launching a New Product/Service
Day 3 - Launching Your First Email Funnel
Day 4 - Launching Your 2018 Mindset

anticipated reach:

While we get more confirmed yeses from speakers, a loose reach estimate is some-thing around 80,000-120,000 combined email list reach and 400,000+ Instagram reach.


Confirmed Speakers for the CLS 2018:
Belong Magazine
Think Creative Collective
Hope Taylor Photography
Terri Baskin Photography
Christina Scalera
Jaclyn Mellone
Kayla Hollatz
Jessica Stansberry
Terri Baskin
Bailey Richert

Currently in various stages of reaching out to:
Rule Breakers Club
& more!

This list is always changing as we receive yeses and nos - if you feel like someone would be an amazing Keynote Speaker, email us at!

Lilah, the higgins creative

The Creative Brand Summit was an amazing experience that expanded my network and gave me a platform to share my expertise.

SO many of my new leads either come to my inbox now as referrals from either the Summit or our podcast and I still (4 months later) have people coming to me, who watched my presentation at the Summit and have been loyal followers since!

Andra & Kelly, with grace and gold

We absolutely loved being part of the Creative Brand Summit.

Kyrsten's heart for gathering creative business owners and serving diverse creative business owners shines through everything she does.

She is not only ‚Äčkindhearted and welcoming as a friend - but also as a business owner and educator.

jen & Jeff, tonic site shop

We so enjoyed working with Kyrsten on the Summit! Our role in the promotion was straightforward and super well organized.

We saw a definite increase in our list, and felt like our time commitment more than paid off.

Plus, man, the lineup was so great + such a value for us to promote to our followers! If you're trying to decide whether it's worth your participation, we'd say go for it. :)



looking for the social proof?
(we all know how important it is!)

just take it from our past speakers:


+ Speakers benefit from exposure to a warm market of relevant potential clients (creative entrepreneurs looking to launch their new businesses, email funnels, or new products/services), affiliate commissions of the All-Access Pass (30%) and email list growth (all speakers are encouraged to have a freebie opt in and are able to promote FB Ads for additional email list growth). Speakers will also become associated with fellow Summit speakers and will gain influence through osmosis and through the relationships built between other influencers. Attendees are likely to reach out to learn more about you and your services.

+ Attendees benefit from educational presentations for FREE (a Live conference with the same speaker line up would be $500-$2000+!) or at a very low price. They'll be able to opt into and download your free workbooks and tools and can opt to purchase the All-Access Pass which will give them lifetime access to the presentations, formatted in an eCourse format.

+ The Host benefits from exposure to a warm market of relevant potential clients, sales from the All-Access Pass and email list growth through ticket sign ups, as well as relationships gained with our amazing Speaker lineup!

Speaker Promotion Opportunity:

As a speaker you will have three opportunities during your presentation to self-promote (and be encouragingly promoted by your host).

1. Email Opt In Freebie - we strongly encourage that all speakers have one opt in freebie. This does not have to be unique to the summit, but it should be relevant to your presentation topic.

2. A Giveaway Product - You can opt to give away a product or service (ecourse, book, hour-long consultation, etc) and you're encouraged to promote and talk it up. You can talk about what's included, how much it's normally priced, the ultimate takeaway, who it benefits, etc. so that those who don't win it, will know that this is something that you offer.

3. The Closing - I'll ask you where we can find you, what new launches or products you have going on, how can we support you/work with you, etc. You'll be able to talk about anything that you'd like to promote here!

Email list growth:

There are two ways to grow your email list as a speaker at the Creative Launch Summit:

Option 1:
All speakers are highly encouraged to have a freebie opt in to accompany their presentation. It does NOT have to be a unique opt it (it can be something you already have!), but this will be a great option for email growth.

Speakers from our last Summit had roughly 100-200 sign ups from their freebie opt ins.

Option 2: 
Thanks to Think Creative for this amazing idea:

If you would like to run Facebook Ads for the Summit, then you're absolutely welcome to do so - we'll even get you swipe copy and photos for easy Ad creation!

If you'd like to run your own Facebook ads for the Summit, then you will receive ALL email sign ups from your ad campaigns.

Last Summit, we had over 2,000 email sign ups for the Summit itself with ZERO Ads. We're anticipating a much larger reach for this one and as it's a FREE summit with some incredible speakers already, we expect it to be a great Ad Opt In!

numbers from the 2017 creative brand summit




avg. email sign ups per speaker

creatives who watched daily

Instagram reach

email reach


you're going to want to see this year's >>

feeling pretty good about these?

numbers for the 2018 creative launch summit




est. email sign ups per speaker

est. daily unique viewers

Instagram reach

email reach


(& still growing)

<<  wanna compare to last years? 

Wanna get more eyes on your brand?
Oh, girl, we'll get you in front of an amazing community...

attendee demographic:

The Creative Launch Summit is targeted at: 
+ Creative entrepreneurs who are at the beginning to mid-stages of their business
+ Many attendees will still be in their 9-5 job, and are hoping to go full-time in their business
+ Many are already full-time in their business and are looking to create a more sustainable business model.
+ Most are women between the ages of 21-35
+ They are service- and product-based businesses related to the wedding industry (photographers, event planners), B2B (social media managers, brand designers), and crafters (soap makers, potters, calligraphy, painters), etc.

technical details:

+ Dates are January 8-11, 2018
+ FREE Virtual Summit with All-Access Pass of $59 (Early Bird), $79 (during the Summit) and $99 (Evergreen)
+ 30% Affiliate commissions to speakers
+ Scripts and marketing visuals and suggested marketing schedule will be provided for super easy, *optional* (though encouraged!) email and social media marketing

presentation recording details:

Presentations will be PRE-RECORDED.

You'll book a 10 minute call with me (Kyrsten, your host!) to record your intros & outros. These will be recorded in November & December.

You'll then record your presentation (30-45 minutes with Powerpoint/Keynote visuals) on your time, before December 17th.

If this set up will be problematic for you, please let me know and we'll work something out together!