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We talk to a lot of people about their businesses. Most people have a pretty good idea of how much money they’re making. They know what services they have subscriptions to and roughly how much their Facebook ads and their web hosting cost. Imagine our surprise then, when these same responsible business owners know next […]

If you’re looking to scale up your Etsy business, you’re probably thinking about buying your supplies in bulk. People who want to buy a lot of basically anything at a good price will eventually find their way to Alibaba. Alibaba seems like a wonderful wonderland of wonderful supplies, but there are a few things to […]

Direct sales and multi-level marketing are really popular among work at home moms, but starting your own business from scratch is often under appreciated as a path to financial independence. Here are 6 reasons that starting your own business might be better than joining an MLM or Direct Sales business:   Pin me on Pinterest […]

The other day I needed some tech support and I opened a live chat with a support person. I believe that person was in Eastern Europe somewhere. And I found this completely unremarkable (until later when I realized how crazy it was and decided to write this blog post).   Let’s recap. I’m using my […]

When I was in high school, I had a football coach who was basically the most stereotypical high school football coach you can imagine. He was always yelling and always looked mad and everyone in the school was scared of him except for the football players, because the football players were the only ones who […]

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