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So, you want to be able to charge more in your business, but you’re already giving away EVERYTHING you can think of. Maybe you’re a photographer and you’re giving away a 4 hour shoot with 5 prints and 10 of this other thing and a discount on their such and such and and and Or […]

Story time! The other day, I was strolling through a cute shop in downtown Olympia – it’s one of those stores that sells purely tasteful clutter: “catch all” dishes, books on trendy topics like airplants and minimalism, journals with about a zillion different cover designs and prettily packaged beauty care products. These are seriously my […]

How do you calculate value? A dollar in your bank account has value, that’s for sure. Intangible things can also have value though: a referral from a client has value. A great looking product that attracts people has value above and beyond the dollars that went into making it.     A brand identity¬†has value. […]

Whether you’re renaming your business or coming up with something new and fresh for your Grand Opening – we encourage you really think back to the core of your business and the mission that you want to pursue. We know, we know, that can be a little heavy to digest if you’re not quite sure […]

Everyone’s always talking about target/ideal clients, carving out your niche, making sure you’re marketing to them, etc etc, and if you’ve looked into branding or how to find your ideal client, you’ve likely stumbled upon the brainstorming question of, “where does your ideal client shop?” Which you then likely answer with a shoulder shrug, because […]