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                                                                                           I realized recently that I've been an entrepreneur from the time that I was about five,

                                                                                                          After reading a post on Facebook about how long people knew that they would own their own businesses, I                                                                                              actually sat down and took the time to scroll through my memories and realized that, ever since I've had opportunities to organize and arrange projects, and to get my hands dirty with directing people, gathering appropriate equipment and actually marketing to people (neighbors, friends' parents), I was on it. I've always been proactive with ideas and executing them, and somehow, I've always had a knack for knowing just how to run something successfully - whether it be coordinating a scripted, marketed, fully designed-props puppet show when I was 8; or running a video yearbook class as a senior in high school, managing 10 other students with virtually no "adult" supervision or outlined tasks; to creating a roughly $50,000 jewelry business within its first year and "retiring" as a full-time entrepreneur at the ripe age of 23 - I've decided that I'm pretty much a natural-born entrepreneur (where's that hairflip emoji?). 

This is Kyrsten, by the way! I'm in charge of your brand and website design as well as your small business                                                                    
management consulting. I also wear the pants in this business and Kelly calls me Boss ;)                                                       

Kelly's way more fancy than I am, with his University of Washington Law School degree (top 20 law school in                                                                                                       the U.S, what!), 99th percentile SAT score, 95th percentile LSAT score, getting accepted into said law school                                                                                                           
straight outta undergrad (doesn't happen... ever), and passing the bar exam with virtually no study-tactic                                                                                                     
or professional help (doesn't happen... very often (ever)). Plus, his 10ish years working as a CPA at his                                                                                                 
parents (AMAZING - we're not talking H&R Block, folks) tax firm. He's pretty much one of the most brilliant                                                                                                           
people I know. And to think I only married him because he likes gaming as much as I do. He's also pretty                                                                                                       
funny (read hilarious) and his recently acquired dad bod makes me swoon.                                                

Kelly's the mastermind behind your website development as well as your tax and legal consulting. He's                                                                                          
    technically minded and is the Bob to my Linda - Awwwah.  


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Cocoon by Milky Chance

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Ben & Jerry's Cookies and Cream

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Austin, TX


Tribes by Seth Godin

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Blogging and Pinterest

We want to give small business owners the means to present their work in a way that truly showcases their brand's professionalism and uniqueness

We want to give new life to tired brands and to remind business owners why they started and loved their business in the first place!

We love giving back to the entrepreneurial community (we're firm believers in #communityovercompetition). 

We want it to be possible for ANYONE who wants to work for themselves to do so profitably. 

We want to encourage entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone else who needs it to love their work.

The Reasons Why We Do What We Do

aka - our mission statement(s)

Balance, Zen, Enlightenment. Okay, so we're kinda digging the #goodvibesonly hashtag. We want to live a life of acceptance, awareness and calmed mindfulness.

Minimalism. Though we love to collect kids, we are slowly but very surely acquiring a lifestyle that consists of fewer "things" and more experiences.

The Pacific Northwest. Both born and raised here, regardless of where we end up long term, our lungs will always crave the rain-fresh air of the PNW.

Roadtrips. We take at least one 24+ hour road trip per year - usually to California or Vegas. We'll be moving away from WA soon, though, and can't wait to see what the mid-country and east coast has to offer!

Our computers (and consoles). We're both computer junkies. Kelly plays anything that looks good on any console that plays it - I'm mainly a computer nerd, and occasionally resort to handhelds.

Reading. We spend WAY too much of our time driving (see Roadtrips) to Powell's in Portland and Pegasus Books in West Seattle. It's about a 3 hour round trip to either store and is toats mcworth it.

Seattle. As Kelly and I have developed a family of our own, our sense of home has changed from our original places of upbringing to our mutually favorite place together - Emerald City.

Our kids. Sherwood spawn 3.0 is officially here!! An he's beautiful and snuggly. One more after him and our family will be complete (though, we wouldn't be bummed if we had an "accidental" number 5 . . . )!

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Our Kids

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