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How To Create an Amazing Client Experience

So, you want to be able to charge more in your business, but you’re already giving away EVERYTHING you can think of.

Maybe you’re a photographer and you’re giving away a 4 hour shoot with 5 prints and 10 of this other thing and a discount on their such and such and and and

Or you’re a brand stylist and you’re giving away the full logo, palette, magazine template, business cards, alternate logos galore, 15 page website and and and and…


But, for some reason you just. aren’t. able. to charge more.

So what gives? How do you see other people in your field giving away EXACTLY what you are, but somehow they’re charging 4 times as much as you are (and they actually seem to be booking!).


How To Create an Amazing Client Experience


First of all, before any messages are given, I want to disclaimer this message with:

Girlfriend, I know it’s SO incredibly hard to look at what other people are doing and to wonder what you’re doing wrong, but your prize is right in front of you.

If you want to make $100 or $1,000 or $10,000, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing – it matters that YOU are taking the appropriate steps to get there.

And no, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start growing the email list or passive income streams. It just takes some strategizing.

Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, and we’re ready to focus on our own paper,


Make sure you:

  1. Download that Reverse Engineer Your Pricing Guide and
  2. Let’s focus on your client experience, shall we?


Because, really, the difference between giving away the kitchen sink and actually scaling your business can totally come down to an amazing client experience.


Reassure your client that you understand her pain points and that you will serve her accordingly Click To Tweet

How to Price Your Services


Think about your ideal client.

If you want to sell your package to someone who’s willing to pay $6,000 for it (and YES he or she IS out there), then you need to be selling something that’s more than just:

+ 1 Logo
+ 3 Alternative Logos
+ Color Palette
+ Business Card Design
+ etc.

The person who’s going to drop heavy money on you doesn’t care what it comes with (okay, more or less).

What she WANTS is to make sure that:

+ she will be taken care of.
+ she will be treated like someone who’s spending a lot of money
+ she won’t have to worry about the technicalities (because she hired you for that (in her mind))
+ she won’t have to be involved in every teeny tiny detail of the process (or maybe she will, but she’ll want to TRUST that you’ll be able to handle things)


See where I’m going with this?

So, instead of focusing on the things you’re delivering (because, again, while it’s a nice thing to know, your $6,000 client isn’t going to choose you over your competitor because you offer TWO business card designs whereas your competition is only offering one), focusing on the *pain points* of your client and giving her an experience that reassures her that you understand these pain points and that you will serve her accordingly is what will actually sell your service or product (again and again and again, due to this wonderful thing called “word of mouth”).

(Not quite sure what all of this “selling ‘things’ versus selling ‘experiences'” means exactly? 1. Continue reading 🙂 2. Check out the 6-Week Brand Intensive that we are CURRENTLY ENROLLING for! We’re going super deep into creating a killer client-experience and how YOU can make this happen during the program)

As a person who wants to get her photos taken, who would I rather book:

  • Someone who lists out that I will get: a discovery call, a 2 hour session with 20 digital photo files, 3 prints, a client gift, etc …
  • Or someone who “won’t stop until we’ve created the vision of your dreams. Our goal is to capture the moments that your family will look back on fondly through our lifestyle photography sessions. We’ll shoot in an intimate setting with beautiful natural lighting that allows you to let your hair down, create candid moments with your family and ensure that every photo that we deliver is high quality and is up to par with all of our best work. We understand that body image and self insecurities are something that everyone suffers with – all of our clients have reported that they felt amazing after the shoot and the photos that we delivered made them feel like royalty.” And then surprises me with a beautiful client gift and 3 prints that I didn’t expect to get (but were already adjusted into the price)


Who would you rather book with?

With the first photographer, I’m given a grocery list of things that I’d receive – all of which are lovely things! But still, it doesn’t put me into the story.


The second photographer instead puts me directly into the story.

I now know that:

  1. I won’t be restricted by the time allowance (what if we don’t get all of the photos I want in the time slot??)
  2. I’m imagining my family and me in a beautiful setting (I’m already picturing myself working with this person)
  3. I’ll be able to look through her past work and know that our photos will be just as beautiful as her other ones (reassured consistency and quality)
  4. I’M NOT GOING TO LOOK HORRIBLE!! (whew, did I just let my insecurities show? Not only will she walk me through posing (because, let’s be honest, I am THE most awkward person – I don’t do “look cute!”, haha), but there’s also social proof that others have felt this same way)

Instead of a grocery list of deliverable, assure her that she'll LOVE the experience Click To Tweet


Going above and beyond

On top of that, you deliver an experience!

If you know that your average photoshoot involves roughly 2 hours of shooting, then make sure to account for that in your price.

Also make sure to up that price just a bit because you KNOW that when you say, “unlimited time!” someone‘s going to milk it (and you want to be super fresh and able to just keep saying, “absolutely, yes we can do another 30 shots of this angle! You betcha!”


So, now that you have your super secret experience tricks up your sleeve (being able to deliver extra time “on a whim”, surprising your client with an extra couple prints of their favorite photos and a beautifully packaged gift, etc) you’ll now be able to actually price your packages accordingly. We have a free download for this and we’ll be going over it super thoroughly in our Brand Intensive!


How to Price Your Services


How to create an easy funnel for GREAT word of mouth:

  • Before you even book your client, have a spot in your inquiry form that asks for their mailing address so that you can send them a handwritten thank you card for allowing you to talk to them about their business.
  • Price in any additional gifts into the overall package. For instance, we fly our clients out to Seattle to work on their branding together face-to-face, because we KNOW that there’s this amazing value to working together in person. In order to do this, we take a hit on our own profits, but what a luxury it is to know that the flights are already included in the package! So, not only do they receive the branding and website of their dreams, they also get an all-inclusive resort vacation with first class flights, a luxury downtown condo and all meals and drinks included. What better way to get your branding done than to be treated like someone who already has an amazing brand and who makes an amazing amount of money because of it (that is the point, afterall, isn’t it?!)?


(We also know, however, that this service isn’t for everyone, which is exactly why we offer our 6-Week Brand Intensive where we’ll be going over the strategy side of branding, creating the visuals, social media imagery and marketing strategy, etc). For more info on what’s included, check out the info here!)

  • Once you book them, send a nicely designed welcome packet. Include a printed version of their contract and maybe pop a $5 Starbucks gift card in there! – they just forked over multi-thousands of dollars, the least you can do is offer them a cozy cup of coffee to “wow” them (we are such simple creatures, aren’t we?? 😂☕️)!
  • Go above and beyond with the final gift – if you normally deliver prints on a USB stick, make it a cute one. Invest in a nice box and complement it with some krinkle paper and a sprig or leaves from a tree outside. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just remember that this is the last bit that they’ll “see” of you for a while – make sure it’s also on brand!
  • DON’T FORGET TO ASK FOR THE TESTIMONIAL!! Email them one last time to thank them for their business. Make it easy for them to click over to a review form in a CRM like Dubsado* and have a couple important fields: 1. The place where they can leave the review, 2. A place where they can offer you feedback for how the process went and if you could improve on anything 3. Have them copy and paste the review to Facebook and Google!!
  • Before “they leave”, mention that your business flourishes through referrals and that you would love it if they thought of you for any friends who may be looking for [your service] in the future. This doesn’t have to be spammy or begging – this simply allows them to physically visualize themselves offering your business to a friend. The subconscious mind works wonders!
  • BONUS: If you’re smart, you might ask for their birthday (I’m Trello-ing* this right now so I don’t forget to add this to our inquiry form ;D ), anniversary or some fun date that you can mark down in your calendar to send them a nicely branded “Happy xx” card with another $5 Starbucks or whatever fun, simple gift. This will remind them for years to come that you still exist and “oh hey, my friend is getting married and is looking for a photographer!”


We’ll be going over client gifts (branding them, customizing them, figuring out how to price them into your packages and more) in our 6-Week Brand Intensive!


In your inquiry form, ask for her birthday & send a surprise Birthday card #clientexperience Click To Tweet


Word of mouth can be a powerful thing.

Delivering an amazing client experience doesn’t have to break the bank!

Investing in some high quality cards + printed, branded welcome packets + small thank you gifts and suddenly you’ve gone from someone who sells branding to someone who delivers an experience and is raved about over and over again <3


Have any questions on client gifting? Drop it in the comments and we’ll be right here with answers!


How to Price Your Services


*Links are affiliate links! We love Dubsado, Trello and are Amazon affiliates for Fiona’s book

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