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we see you hustlin', girlfriend.

You're working that cute tush off.

Maybe you're making some good money (dare I say great money?), definitely loving the passion project you've created and maybe you've even quit your day job (or you're SO ready to!).

And while you're LOVING the journey that you're on, it would be SUPER baller if you didn't have to worry about when you were gonna catch your next big fish.

Or if you could guilt-free leave on a month-long vacation without worrying where your next dollar would come from (or how you'd have to break it to that lovely client who needs you every second of everyday - bless).

well, boo - your boat's here & we're gonna help you catch it.

But you're still totally reliant on booking that next client... 

(fuh free)

first annual!


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Raina Laako Photography

My experience with Copper Kettle Co was amazing from beginning to end! I wasn’t sure exactly the direction I wanted to go but Kyrsten was so helpful with getting ideas and figuring out a perfect fit for my brand! Anyone who is looking for a new take on rebranding your business to have an edge in your industry, Copper Kettle Co should definitely be your first stop!

Weddings by Farlow

My experience with Copper Kettle Co was superb. Not only is Kyrsten one of friendliest professionals I've worked with, she was extremely proactive and always kept me "in the loop" on progress. Kyrsten's husband, Kelly did a fantastic job on my Wordpress site and addressed everything I had hoped for. My site is clean and beautiful, a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much, guys!!!

michelle perez events

The work Kyrsten did on my site was exactly what I hoped for and more - I felt she asked the right questions and understood my vision. My business is brand new and I had little to go on - Kyrsten took the time to educate me and explain everything so that I felt comfortable and happy with the results. The timelines she provided set the perfect expectations which she always met. I would recommend Copper Kettle to any and everyone as I had the best experience and outcome.

Heart Rock Creative

Kyrsten is so fun and informative, I have done 2 years of research on how to run your own business and was still struggling making sales and completely overwhelming myself. Kyrsten helped me find a niche that I am really passionate about and that can actually help my target market. She even helped me brainstorm some ways to attract that target market in ways that I would have never thought of on my own. She is so sweet and uplifting and I am so excited for her new Work at Home Business School classes!

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