2018 creative launch summit

strategizing, Streamlining, systemizing

build out your email funnel, launch a killer new product, plan your 2018 finances

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helping creatives to build & scale their creative businesses

by copper kettle co

january 8-11

creative launch summit

We're bringing in the big guns, yo - 40+ expert creative business strategists, marketers and coaches are sharing their expertise on launching your business, launching your next product or service, launching your 2018 finances and launching

your very first email funnel (or making the funnel you DO have even more productive and effective. If you're ready to up your business game through systematizing your business and taking back your time, then make sure to sign up for...

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we see you hustlin', girlfriend.

You're working that cute tush off.

Maybe you're side hustling your passion project, or maybe you're making some good money (dare I say great money?) and maybe you've even quit your day job (or you're SO ready to!).

And while you're LOVING the journey that you're on, it would be SUPER baller if you had the community, accountability, education and direction to successfully grow your business, all in one place?

can i get a hell yes??

but you're ready for something more - more freedom, growth, money, structure...

(it's okay if you prefer, yes please - we don't exclamation-ate)

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